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Frequently asked questions

What's the difference between autoflowering and feminized cannabis seeds?

Let’s start with what feminized cannabis seeds mean – it means that seeds will only grow into female cannabis plants. It is important, because cannabis buds, the ones we love – can only be produced by female cannabis plants.
To understand what are autoflowering cannabis seeds, we first have to understand how cannabis flowering works. Most cannabis strains will go true to a vegetative phase, where the plant will only grow, without trying to produce any bud (“fruit” of the plant). This phase usually ends when the cannabis plant starts to receive less than 12 hours of daylight after this happens feminized cannabis plants stop vegetating and enter the flowering period – during which it will produce buds that we all love to smoke.
Because not all climates (and conditions) can provide cannabis plants with enough sun to have a fulfilling vegetative period – growers have bred autoflowering strains that flower automatically, no matter how much sunlight the plants get.
This results in easier to grow cannabis plants, that require less attention and can be more susceptible to harsher weather conditions. Of course, there is never something for nothing in nature – that’s why autoflowering cannabis plants usually grow smaller, faster, and bring smaller yields. This makes them perfect if you are planning to grow them in a grow box indoors if you are very inexperienced or if you are planning to grow your plants in northern climates.

How to grow your own weed?

To put it as basic as we can – these are the steps you have to take if you want to grow your own cannabis plants:

Choose your growing medium and place (outdoors/indoors)
Choose correct cannabis seeds
Germinate the seeds
Plant your cannabis seedlings
Allow your plant to go through the vegetative phase
Allow your plant to bloom (flowering phase)
Harvest your plant and dry it

How can you grow marijuana indoors?

Yes, but that will require a grow box, a grow room, or a similar designated space to grow a proper cannabis plant. Not only that, but you will also need cannabis grow lights, climate controls, humidifiers, exhaust systems, nutrients, containers, and maybe even some other tools to get started.

How can you grow marijuana outside?

Yes, you can grow cannabis outdoors, but depending on the climate you might need a greenhouse to do so (if you are living in a northern, colder climate zone).

Can you grow cannabis on your balcony or terrace?

Yes, you can grow cannabis in your terrace/balcony – but make sure that the cultivation of cannabis is legal in the country you are planning to do so. The success of this process depends on the type of plant you are growing and the overall climate you live in.

What is a cannabis greenhouse?

Cannabis greenhouse is a greenhouse made especially for outdoor cannabis cultivation. This method is widely used to minimize the risks of natural weather conditions hazards and can be crucial if you are planning to grow cannabis in colder, more northern climate zones.

What soil do you need to grow cannabis?

When choosing a perfect soil to grow cannabis, you have to evaluate multiple factors for soil structure such as:

Water retention
pH level
Nutrient makeup

If this is your first time growing cannabis, the easiest way is to just get a cannabis dedicated soil that will have the perfect mix of all these factors and is ready-to-use.
There are also ways to make your own soil, furthermore choosing the perfect cannabis soil depends on the plant of your choice, climate, and growing conditions as well as the results you are expecting to get.

When can you grow cannabis?

If you are growing cannabis indoors, you will be in charge of the lifecycle of the plant – then the answer is, you can grow cannabis indoors at any given time.
If you are planning to grow cannabis outdoors, the light cycle is the most important factor here – that’s why it is important to determine exact plant needs (length of growth cycle), the local climate conditions and plant your seeds accordingly.
It depends on the part of the world you are in, but in general – Spring Equinox is the best time to germinate seeds and Fall Equinox (can be later than that – based on the flowering period lenght) is the time you should start thinking about harvesting your cannabis plants.

What are the stages/phases of the cannabis plant growth cycle?

In a most basic sense, the cannabis plant growth cycle is divided into 4 main phases of the cannabis plant lifecycle:

Germination (5-10 days)
Seedling phase (2-3 weeks)
Vegetative period (3-16 weeks)
Flowering period (8-11 weeks)

This means it can take you 4-8 months to grow your own cannabis plant.

How much money does it cost to grow your own cannabis?

The price of growing cannabis can be as low as just the price of buying the seeds if you are planning to grow them in a very good climate outdoors and it can range up to tens of thousands of dollars for a more advanced indoors set-up that will produce amazing yields.

What are the best cannabis strains to grow indoors?

The general rule of growing cannabis indoors, especially if you are planning to grow them inside a grow box is to grow autoflowering cannabis plants. It doesn’t mean that you can’t grow perfectly good feminized cannabis plants, it just means that this is an easier solution that will result in smaller plants, faster growth, and less care for the grower.
If you decide to choose a feminized cannabis plant to grow indoors, factor in things like growth cycle length, size of a full-grown plant, and possible indoor yields. This will allow you to choose the most suitable plant you can grow indoors.

What are the best cannabis strains to grow outdoors?

This depends on the climate you are living in, the placement of the plant (how much sunlight and other weather conditions the plant receives), and your overall needs. If you are planning to grow big, time is not a factor for you, you live in a warm climate and are planning to take good care of your cannabis plant – choose a feminized cannabis plant that most closely represents the effects of the weed you would like to grow.
Choosing to grow a feminized cannabis strain outdoors will allow you to maximize the potential yield, furthermore, if you live in a warm climate – you can expect to grow a healthy and big plant that will make you and your friends very happy.
If you live in a more northern climate, and the warm period of the year is short (cannabis plants prefer 20-30 °C temperature during the vegetative period) – you might consider growing an autoflowering plant or placing your feminized plant in a greenhouse. The right temperature/humidity during different times of the growth cycle is important for any cannabis plant if you want to make sure that the plant is growing fast and to maximize the yield potential.

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