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What is a rolling tray?

Rolling trays are simple, yet amazing stoner tools that allow cannabis smokers to roll joints without the unnecessary mess. A Rolling tray is a multipurpose rolling tool that allows you to roll joints on your lap and to store all other stone tools in one place. This means that your rolling tray has to fit your tips, rolling papers, grinder and any other cannabis rolling equipment you might need.

Benefits of using a rolling tray

The two biggest benefits of investing in a proper rolling tray for stoners are simple. Firstly, you will make less mess while rolling your joints as you will be rolling them over a tray that will collect tiny pieces of weed or tobacco. This also means that you will be able to use each and every piece of cannabis when using a weed rolling tray.

Secondly, rolling trays are a perfect tool that allows you to keep all your smoking accessories in one place when you are not using them. This means no more running around the house looking for your paper, grinders or tips. Everything smoking-related stays conveniently in one place when you have a stoner rolling tray.

Buying a rolling tray

Rolling trays in our shop come in two main sizes.

  • Small (18cm x 14cm)
  • Large(27cm x 16cm)

Most people buy a large rolling tray because it's usually considered to be the "normal size" rolling tray. If you buy your first rolling tray ever, we advise getting a big one. Large rolling trays are just more convenient!

Best cheap present for a stoner

Looking for a present for a cannabis smoker? If the budget is tight, the rolling tray might be a perfect gift as all rolling trays have different pictures on them. If you want to spoil your weed smoker friend and money is not an issue, getting him loads of rolling papers, a grinder, some tip books and a rolling tray to match it all is what we recommend!

Frequently asked Rolling Tray questions

What type of products can I find in a headshop?

To be very technical about it – Headshop is a specific type of store that focuses on products or accessories that are intended or modified for making, using, or concealing drugs, typically for recreational purposes. Most accessories found in headshops nowadays are mostly focused on recreational cannabis users, but you can also expect to find all sorts of accessories for other types of drugs.

What kind of accessories are considered headshop items?

The list is big as there are multiple problems that recreational drug users can have and headshop items usually try to tackle each of those problems. That’s why you can expect to find all sorts of smoking accessories, stash concealment items, sniffing items, grinding and cutting items, growing items, just to name a few.

What is a bong?

Bong is one of the most popular ways to smoke your herbs. It is a waterpipe, that allows you to smoke pure herb and to filter the smoke with simple water. Furthermore using a bong allows your smoke to cool down, and there are even ice bongs for those who want it extra cool.

Smoking bongs come in all shapes and sizes, with many different structures and creative approaches to smoke your herb. Furthermore, the material bongs are made from can be almost anything – from wood and metal to plastic and the most popular of all – glass. The sizing of the bong (and the bowl) determines the size of the hit that you can have with this bong and this is probably the most important question to ask when you are choosing your bong.

Is smoking a bong different from smoking a joint?

Many cannabis enthusiasts agree a simple water bong is a least wasteful and most healthy way to smoke your herbs (before vaporizers were invented!). Furthermore, you don’t need to add tobacco to your herb mix – which makes smoking a bong a more clean and pure smoking experience.

Joint is an easier way of consuming cannabis, especially if you are outdoors – furthermore, it’s a more discrete way of smoking cannabis in a public setting. But bongs waste your herbs less and it makes it easier to measure your personal hit.

Lastly, smoking a bong has a different way you get high (in a sense) – while smoking a joint it is more common to get high gradually, while a bong hit can feel more like an actual kick.

What is a bong hit?

A bong hit refers to the actual act of smoking a bong.

Do you need to clean your bong?

Yes, but not after every use. You should change your screens after a couple of uses (they get dirty and it makes it difficult for your herbs to burn evenly) and every smoking enthusiast will always clean their bongs with special brushes and soaps when it gets dirty. This makes the smoking experience fresh again.

What is a smoking bowl?

When referring to smoking cannabis a smoking bowl usually refers to the part that is used to hold cannabis (or tobacco). It can also refer to a certain type of smoking pipe as a whole, but that’s a derivative – smoking bowl marks the place where you place your weed before lighting it and inhaling the smoke.

What is a smoking pipe?

A smoking pipe is a special tool that can be used to smoke cannabis (or tobacco) in a dry method. A smoking pipe has two main parts – a smoking bowl (the place where you put your herbs) and the part that you inhale from. Some pipes can have a similar third part – a hole that you cover up while inhaling smoke and release when you want to absorb all the smoke left in the system.

What are the screens?

Smoking screens are just plain metal mesh circles (most commonly) that are used in pipes and bongs to place your herbs.

What is a grinder?

A herb grinder or just weed grinder is a special tool used to grind your cannabis to make it easier to smoke. Because cannabis comes in dense buds, to make it easier to smoke it – you have to somehow “crush” and “cut” those buds before trying to light them. By grinding your weed, you make sure that it will burn more evenly and you will not waste any of it.

What is a vaporizer?

A dry herb vaporizer is a special tool that allows you to heat up any type of herb and to inhale the vapour that it produces. It is considered that this might be the most healthy way to smoke any type of herbs, due to the fact that there is no actual smoke involved in this process. Also, if you know the best temperatures to do so – you can expect not to waste any amount of the herbs.

The only downside to this method of cannabis consumption might have is that a quality vaporizer requires a significant investment, as any decent vaporizer prices start with a minimum of 100$/€ and a high-quality vaporizer that will actually is worth your investment can easily take a couple of hundred $/€ from your wallet.

What is a stash box?

Recreational users like to be discreet about the substances and tools they use in their lives – that’s why there are multiple products in the market that allows you to hide and or properly store all sorts of stuff of your choice. We are talking, secret books, fake beer cans, toilet brushes with secret compartments, lock up keychains, and much much more.

Are headshop items legal?

In most countries around the world – you can expect all headshop items to be fully legal (unless they contain traces of any compounds you used (let’s say a grinder has weed “leftovers” in it and cannabis is illegal to have). If we are talking about smoking accessories because tobacco is legal in most countries around the world – having any type of smoking tool should not be a punishable offense.

How old you have to be to buy headshop products?

At least 18 years old. All products sold on Smartfic can only be purchased if you are 18 years old or older.

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