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Best Magic Mushroom strains

Our top 10 magic mushroom product selection has been made by choosing all the highest quality psychedelic mushroom growing kits and spores available to buy online. If you decide to grow and use your own magic mushrooms at home,  you have to make sure that you buy only the best magic mushrooms you can possibly can. Our team has your back on this, we have years of experience in the Netherlands smartshop and psychedelics industry, that's why you can trust our top 10 picks for the best magic mushrooms you can buy today to be accurate. Buy magic mushrooms from our top 10 list and be sure about the highest product quality!

What is the best magic mushroom grow kit for beginners?

If you never grown or tried magic mushrooms before, we recommend choosing a magic mushroom strain that is both below average in strength and grows easily. That's why it's common to think of B+ magic mushroom strain as one of the most beginner-friendly psilocybe cubensis strains out there. This strain is also loved by experienced magic mushroom growers because it grows fast and brings you very big flushes (yields).

Two other strains for those who never tried magic mushrooms before could be Mexican magic mushrooms and Thai magic mushrooms. They are in the lower potency range, thus they are perfect for your first ever magic mushroom trips with friends.

What is the strongest magic mushroom?

There are two psilocybe cubensis magic mushroom strains that are much stronger than all the others. The ultimate crown of super magic mushroom strength goes to the McKennaii magic mushroom strain. It has been named after the same person that made it possible for us to grow magic mushrooms at home - Terrence McKenna (and his brother Dennis!). Magic mushroom has been named after the psychedelic tripping grandfather himself, must be the strongest there is. And it is!

Second place in terms of psilocybin contents goes to the legendary Golden Teacher magic mushroom. It has been the single best seller magic mushroom in Amsterdam and Netherlands since the 90s!

Honorable mention here would be Hawaiian magic mushrooms (spores or a growkit). They are not from the psilocybe cubensis genotype, therefore they are multiple times stronger - just make sure you research the dosing of this unique magic mushroom as you need just a tiny amount of them to have a super-strong magic mushroom trip.

What are the fastest-growing magic mushrooms?

Once again the fastest-growing crown goes to B+, but you can also consider Colombian or Ecuadorian magic mushrooms if you are looking for a medium strength magic mushroom. Of course, if you want the highest strength magic mushrooms that are also speedy growers - Mazatapec or Golden Teachers are perfect picks as well.

Which magic mushroom grow kit grows the most grams of psilocybin mushrooms?

B+. The mushrooms grow fast and very big. This makes this magic mushroom grow kit a bit lower in potency as you want medium and smaller-sized magic mushrooms to have the biggest psilocybin concentration when counted per gram of dried shrooms. That's why the most doesn't always mean the best, especially if you seek high tripping potential. Pick Colombian if you want a medium-strength magic mushroom that gives big flushes. And pick Mazatapec magic mushroom grow kit if you want a top-tier super strong magic mushroom that also brings you vast flushes in a very reasonable amount of time.

Best Magic Mushrooms for microdosing

Growing your own magic mushrooms for microdosing is the best and cheapest way there is. Not only it will be very cheap to microdose on psilocybin, but you also can have a steady supply that you can trust. The best psilocybe cubensis magic mushroom strain for microdosing is Mexican. They are one of the least potent magic mushrooms, which is something you want in the microdosing magic mushroom strain of your choice. This way it will be easier to find the perfect amount of magic mushrooms for microdosing.

Buy The Best Magic Mushroom Growkits Online

Those who seek a magic mushroom trip or a psychedelic experience know that growing your own magic mushrooms is the best way to make sure the quality of your shrooms can be trusted. The best part is that you can order magic mushroom grow kits online and they will be discretely delivered to your home. Magic mushroom grow kit will allow you to grow Psilocybe Cubensis magic mushrooms in your home.

Smartific sells only the best quality magic mushroom grow kits. Our grow kits come in different strains and sizes, so that everyone can find the perfect magic mushroom for them. Buy your magic mushroom grow kit and start growing magic mushrooms right away.

What is a Magic Mushroom grow kit?

Magic mushroom growing kit contains active magic mushroom spores called mycelium. Mycelium is the snow-white fluffy stuff that magic mushrooms grow from. This mycelium colony has all the nutrients it will need to grow magic mushrooms multiple times in a row (called flushes).

This means you just need our magic mushroom growing kit, some water and patience to grow your own psilocybe cubensis magic mushrooms at home. Everything you need can be found in the grow kit box that we will send you.

What you can grow with a magic mushroom grow kit?

Psilocybin mushrooms (Psilocybe Cubensis) have many names: magic mushrooms, shrooms, hallucinogenic mushrooms, god's flesh and much more. They all mean the same thing, psilocybe cubensis is a magic mushroom strain that contains psychoactive compounds psilocin and psilocybin. This makes them a psychotropic substance that will make users go into a psychedelic experience, also known as a "trip". Our magic mushroom growing kits allow you to grow psilocybin-containing mushrooms at home.

How many magic mushrooms should I take after I grow them?

We have created an amazing tool for this question! Make sure you use our magic mushroom dosage calculator after you grow your first batch of psychedelic fungus. This tripping dosage calculator allows you to select dry or fresh magic mushrooms and bases the recommended dosage according to your weight or trip strength you are seeking.

Which magic mushroom grow kit do I have to order?

There are 9 main Psilocybe Cubensis grow kit strains available that you can easily grow at home. Here are they listed from beginner grow kit strains to the strongest available anywhere in the market.

The links above lead to each individual magic mushroom grow kit pros & cons reviews, but if you want to learn everything there is to know about growing magic mushrooms - read our ultimate magic mushroom grow kit guide.

Frequently asked Magic Mushroom grow kit questions

What is the difference between magic truffles and magic mushrooms?

The main difference between magic truffles (sclerotia) and magic mushrooms (psilocybe) is the way they were grown. Basically, a magic truffle is a part of the same organism that was not allowed to sprout, so it grew by forming a “rock-like-structure” below the ground. So from a purely technical perspective – magic mushrooms are the funghi that grows above the surface (consisting of a stem and a cap) and magic truffles are parts of the same organism that grows below the ground.

What can I expect from my first psychedelic experience?

Always start slow and keep your dose to the minimum so you learn how your body and mind react to the substance. Your first psychedelic experience has a unique feature – “the expectancy effect”. The expectancy effect means that You will have the experience You anticipated to have. So if you expect to have an amazing spiritual experience – you will have it. If you expect to spend some breathtaking time with your friends – you will have exactly that.

It might sound strange but any experienced psychonaut will tell you that’s exactly the case. Your psychedelic experience always gives you, exactly what you deserved. That’s why, regardless of what kind of experience you want to have – you always have to define clearly what kind of experience are you seeking and your mind will make sure you get exactly that.

Probably the best advice for any beginner is this – make sure everything in your life currently is already good (psychedelics can be a great way to deal with your problems, but it is recommended to use it as such only after you “learn to trip”) and choose a place and time that feels the best for you. Not a place and time that feels good, but a place and time that is perfect.

What is a trip sitter?

Trip sitter is a person that remains unintoxicated and acts as emotional and physical support for a person going true psychedelic experience.

Do I need a trip sitter for my trip?

If it’s your first trip – its common to think that having a trip sitter can make you feel more comfortable during the trip. And it’s true – this could help you to calm down if you start freaking out or don’t like the experience. But trip sitters are a more common thing for very intense psychedelic experiences, other known as “hero doses” that usually exceed 25-40 grams of magic truffles (or more than 3-4 grams of dried magic mushrooms) during which the user might lose complete touch with reality. In those cases, we completely support the idea of a trip sitter.

But the real question here should be – how much do I trust the trip sitter?

Subconsciously and consciously.

Because while under the influence of psychedelics, we tend to overreact and be very sensitive to everything – the trip sitter of our choice has to be the most comforting person we know and how much our trip sitter is experienced with psychedelics only comes in the second place (it is better if trip sitter understands how psychedelics work well). That’s why your significant other, best friend or a family member could be your best choice – while strangers might be the reason behind your struggles tripping.

With all that being said, if you have a very strong mental connection with someone it’s best to take them on your first trip. Avoid strangers at all costs and only choose people that you are really really comfortable with. Even if the person has no experience with psychedelics whatsoever, the high-quality mental connection is the best thing to have on your first trip.

That’s why if you take less than 15-20grams of magic truffles (or 1.5-2.5 grams of dried magic mushrooms) – experienced psychonauts advise, just grab the closest person you have and do it together (as long as that person actually wants the experience, never force anyone to trip if they at least somewhat are not ready!). Most likely you will be better off when both of you are tripping on the same level than someone “sober” is trying to comfort you. That’s because when we are tripping it is sometimes difficult to communicate with a person that is not under the influence of psychedelics (some trip sitters take just a micro-dose for exactly this mental reason).

We tried to provide you with both sides of this puzzle, so now it’s time to ask yourself – how would you feel most comfortable?

What changes when you trip?

It’s best to analyze your personal effects and feelings while experiencing those psychedelic effects naturally for the first time but… Overall, expect changes in your perspective, reality perception, sound, colors, vision, feelings, time, and other possible senses you might have (or might not have yet). Psilocybin and psilocin are known to make parts of your brain that usually never “talk” to each other, start “talking” to each other… That’s why in larger doses psychonauts can record states like “hearing color”, “smelling sound” or “feeling one with the universe”.

Some devoted psychonauts might even tell you that in some subtle sense, some of these newfound connections stay forever (in a sense that you stay more open-minded after the first psychedelic experience). That doesn’t mean that you will be smelling colors after your trip is over, that means that you start perceiving reality as a more complex and your creativity/field of perspective stays more open than it ever was before.

Does magic mushrooms and magic truffles have the same effects?

Short answer – yes, definitely. Magic mushrooms and magic truffles contain the same psychoactive ingredients (psilocin and psilocybin), so consuming those psychoactive ingredients in the same dose (measured by the dose of the psychoactive ingredients, not the weight of mushroom/truffle), will induce the same effects.

The only difference is the dosage and the way magic mushrooms and magic truffles are usually grown/sold. Most commonly magic mushrooms are sold dried, while truffles are sold fresh (thus, still contains extra weight as humidity). By that analogy, you can approximate that 1 gram of dried mushrooms would be equal to 8-10 grams of fresh truffles. This is in no way a completely accurate measure as everything is way much more complex than that (potency, quality, age etc.), but it works in most cases while keeping you on the right track.

So to summarize – if you are planning to have the same experience as you would have from taking ~2 grams of dried magic mushrooms, you have to consume ~20 grams of magic truffles to have similar strength effects.

What are the effects of magic truffles?

Depending on the strain, dosage, your mental state, your surroundings, and many other factors – effects will be different every time you decide to take magic truffles. But a good start, when discussing what effects magic truffles can have on its user – is knowing that magic truffles amplify your state.

What does that mean?

It means that under the influence of psychedelics everything gets more intensified…

If you are happy – you are super happy! If you are sad – you are super sad!

An important point to make here – don’t get scared by this, even crying or being sad on magic truffles weirdly feels more comfortable than on a normal basis. Psychedelics have a tendency to make everything feel more natural and you take it as a part of who you are. If some emotions or feelings will start bursting out of you during your trip – that’s normal, that’s your subconsciousness explaining things to you.

Magic truffles will tell you what you need to hear, and sometimes not necessarily you want to hear it.

This is just because we are so good at lying to ourselves, but when we are under influence on psychedelics – our subconsciousness gets more in charge and some things you simply can’t hide from your subconsciousness.

With all that being said, most common effects of magic truffles are:

  • Change of perception (things feel, smell, sound, look and seems different)
  • Visuals (objects warping, moving, breathing and changing color)
  • Euphoria (bursts of laughter, happiness, joy)
  • Nonduality (feeling one with the world, love and internal peace)
  • Confusion (mind-melting, different, non-linear patterns of thinking)
  • Shivers or warm body waves (various body feelings)
  • Intoxication (overall feeling of “something taking you over”, nausea, sensitive stomach)
  • Emotional shifts (jumping from happy to sad and back to happy in a split-second)
  • Relaxation (body melting away, muscle relaxation)
  • Creativity burst (ideas running through you like a cosmic train)
  • Philosophical burst (understanding flowing through you and realizations happening all the time)
  • Feelings of wonder (that’s where the word trip comes from – you want to explore)
  • Time and space distortion (concepts like money or time doesn’t make sense)
  • Clean headedness or full headedness (all the thoughts at the same time or no thinking at all)
  • Thirstyness or hungriness (in a weirdly moderate and specific sense)
  • Reality shifts (new perspectives to the world and altered state of mind)
  • Other personal effects based on internal/external factors

Please notice, some of these effects might seem negative to you, while others might seem positive. It is more complicated than that – when you are tripping the line between good and bad disappears, making them all feel natural, part of you. That’s why experienced psychonauts always advise – don’t focus on the “negatives”, if you focus on the positive side then the trip will be positive.

You will always have the trip you want and plan to have, even if that decision has been made by you subconsciously.

Does magic truffles make you hallucinate?

Psilocybin and Psilocin, together with other psychoactive ingredients found in magic truffles will affect your mental state. Now when it comes to the word “hallucinations” – in most cases, 15-20grams of magic truffles will not make you hallucinate. That is if we are agreeing that hallucinations mean – seeing things that are not there. You will, however, see light distortions, also know as visuals – meaning objects will be “breathing”, straight lines will be slightly moving and there could be similar visual irregularities happening all around you.

To sum up… If you take magic truffles in an amount that don’t exceed 15-22 gram dosage (full box):

Green dragons following you and trying to speak to you – no, that will not happen.

Objects (that are physically there!) changing colors, wawing, breathing and patterns dancing – yes, that will happen.

With that being said – in higher dosages, it is possible to induce hallucinations, but in most cases, those hallucinations will be happening with closed eyes (even with 15-22 grams of magic truffles). It is very unlikely that you will see reality mixing with your imagination. More likely, you will have visions inside your head (closed eyes) and you will see visuals (objects changing).

How long does a magic truffle trip last?

You can expect your magic truffle trip to last anywhere from 3-6 hours, but because your general feeling about what time is changes, we recommend keeping the mindset of “I am tripping until I go to sleep”.

After you fall asleep and wake up – your trip is for sure over.

Are magic truffle effects similar to weed?


There are four drug categories: depressants, stimulants, hallucinogens, and opiates. Even though from a technical perspective weed could be categorized as any of them, excluding opiates… When analyzing cannabis and magic truffles (or magic mushrooms) in comparison – weed would be thought of as a depressant (slows your brain function, like alcohol) and psilocybin would be a strong hallucinogen (alters perception by changing the way your nerve cells in your brain communicate to each other).

So, magic truffle or magic mushroom effects are not similar to weed.

How should I prepare for a magic truffle trip?

Doesn’t matter if it’s your first time or if you are really experienced psychonaut – before each and every trip it is important to evaluate your set and setting. That means evaluating both internal and external factors that might influence your trip.

Internal factors:

  • You are feeling healthy and well-rested
  • Your mood is good, you are excited to have this experience
  • You are not grieving and don’t have any relationship problems
  • You think everything in life now is going great

External factors:

  • The place you are planning to trip in brings you comfort
  • People you will be during the trip understands you and you feel comfortable around them
  • You have no specific plans that might influence your trip in the next 24-48 hours
  • You have plenty of water and everything else you might need during your trip

After you made sure both internal and external conditions are perfect, spend some time setting goals for your trip. Define your trip and everything you are expecting from it. Every psychedelic experience is different, and the best way you can make sure you will have the trip you want – is to know exactly what kind of trip you are planning to have.

From a physiological perspective, make sure you don’t eat anything for at least 4 hours before you consume your magic truffles. Glucose in your blood will interfere and lower (or diminish) tripping effects. Furthermore, any food in your stomach might even make you feel sick, nauseous, or even make you throw up. That’s why experienced psychonauts fast for as long as they can before every psychedelic trip. This is also a good thing to know if something goes wrong and you want to end your trip early – just consume sugar and calorie-rich foods with plenty of water – this will lower the effects and will make them go away faster.

How many magic truffles should I take?

This widely depends on many factors like your health, time since last psychedelic trip, body mass, desired effects, personal metabolism, sensitivity to various substances among many other factors.

Overall, for a very mild trip with the full spectrum of psychedelic effects, you should take at least 10 grams of magic truffles. For a normal trip, you should take around 15 grams of magic truffles. For a full psychedelic experience, you should take 20-22 grams of magic truffles.

How long can I store magic truffles after I receive them?

Just put them in the fridge and you can store them until the expiry date provided on every truffle box.

Can I freeze magic truffles to make them last longer?

Due to its fragile nature, we do not recommend freezing truffles. However, there are ways to dry the truffles – but do that at your own risk. That might improve/reduce the potency of the magic truffles, furthermore, it could potentially make the experience better/worse for your stomach.

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