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Buy Joint Rollers Online

Many rolling paper manufacturers produce their own special joint rollers that fit their papers. This doesn’t mean that you can’t use it with any other paper out there, as long as you get the right size joint roller. 

Best Small or Big Joint Rollers

Doesn’t matter if you want to roll cigarettes, small splifs, king size joints or crazy 30cm party joints, there are specialized rolling machines for each and every rolling paper size out there. 

Cigarette Rolling Machines

Looking to simply roll some casual cigarettes from shag? Get a small rolling machine that matches your papers and foam filters. The process is the same, simply drop in the leaf of rolling paper with the tip, put the shag tobacco in, use the machine to roll it, lick it and you have yourself a nice cigarette ready. 

Cigarette rollers are the best tool for those who want to roll enough shag cigs for the rest of the day. Instead of rolling a cigarette each time before smoking it, roll much faster and have them ready to light whenever you want it. Get a cigarette roller and save time. No more rolling shag in the rain if you get a proper cigarette roller!   

Cannabis Joint Rolling Machine

A joint rolling machine can be a miracle in disguise when it comes to those sloppy finger smokers that find it very difficult to roll their own weed joints. Weed can be pricey and badly rolled joints can ruin the smoking experience both for you and your friends. 

The solution to your badly rolled cannabis joints? A proper and easy-to-use joint-rolling tool. Also known as a joint rolling machine, this simple device allows you to insert tip a king size paper, spread the herbs in, roll it, lick it and blaze the joint in a matter of seconds. No sloppy joints, simply perfectly rolled, nicely burning joint!

Blunt Roller

Some people swear by using a joint roller when rolling your weed blunts. Blunts can be extremely difficult to roll and a proper blunt roller allows you to make this tedious task easier. It will still require testing and trying things out, but you will have a much bigger chance that your blunt will not fall apart in your hands while trying to roll your cannabis blunts. 

With proper practice, you might even get good enough to amaze Snoop Dogg and Seth Rogen. Just don’t tell them that you used a blunt rolling machine. Blaze it!

Consider Pre Rolled Cones

If you don’t feel that a professional blunt roller or a joint rolling device is something you need due to the fact that you smoke not often. Simply get some pre-rolled joint cones. Or get pre-rolled blunt cones. They work as simply as you think, take the cone out of the package, fill it with your herbs and/or tobacco, then light it up. No rolling, no papers, no licking, no making sure the tip is tight. 

Simply fill in and blaze it. Go to our pre-rolled cone section to find the best cones!

Alternatives to Joints

Gave up on rolling proper cannabis joints? Not even with a professional joint roller? No worries, there are hundreds of other ways to smoke cannabis and/or tobacco. Here’s a tiny list of the best alternatives to rolling joints:

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