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Buy sex products and aphrodisiacs online

While most sex shops might focus on sex toys and tools to increase and stimulate pleasure, the Smartific smartshop team’s main goal is to deliver an extensive and harmless collection of natural aphrodisiacs and other sex products that work from within. 

If you need some lube or vibrators, this might not be the best place to find an extensive collection, yet if you seek things like camagra, spanish fly, penis cream or vaginal tightening gels… You are in the right place!

Herbal Sex Products

Not only that, we also have natural herbal sex products like damiana, aphrodite mix or muira puama. This way you can try alternative shaman remedies that have been used as sex products for thousands of years. Keep that sexual energy flowing all night! 

Big selection of Sex Stimulants

When it comes to “magic sex pills” the industry is filled with fake sex products that don’t do what it claims. But you can trust dutch smartshops to have a sexual stimulant for each and every need. We have selected the best sex pill selection for increased sensitivity and lust, with minimal harm for users. 

Online Sex Shop for Smart People

Health comes first, that’s why Smartific team tries to keep our sex shop product selection as risk-free as possible. All our sex products have been selected by people working in the smartshop industry for over a decade. Buying sex stimulants from our sexshop means choosing quality over power and knowing that you are being as safe as possible! 

Increase your sex pleasure

Some need a sex toy and others, just want to feel more comfortable during intimate nights with their partner. Relaxation during sex increases pleasure and our dutch sex shop is full of various sex products that can help you relax during sex.


Woman Sex shop

Women tend to get tense and not feel relaxed during certain periods of their sex life. Getting something that helps you relax and feel love even stronger is nothing to be ashamed of. Sexual pleasure depends on both how you feel, what you think and how fit your body is. Check our sex for women section and find special products that might increase your sex pleasure and make you come even harder!

Men Sex Shop

Not everyone suffers from erectile dysfunction, but most men think that a longer sex act and a bigger penis are what would make them more confident in bed. Most women don’t agree and think that being more caring and passion makes men better in bed. Bigger libido or more passionate feelings? Every couple is different and should discuss their sex life openly to choose the perfect sex products to have those crazy all-nighters once again!

Sex Shop for Couples 

Both of you can browse through Smartific aphrodisiac section and select the best sex products for couples! Our product selection is wide and everyone can find the sex product they need. We promise discreet and fast shipping, so you can be making love as fast as possible!

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