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What is Salvia Divinorum?

Described as one of the strongest psychedelics known to humanity, Salvia Divinorum is a psychedelic plant that has been used for various shamanic rituals for hundreds of years. The main psychoactive ingredient in Salvia Divinorum is Salvanorin-A, which is a super strong hallucinogen that has a bit of a unique working structure in our brains. This makes Salvia Divinorum trip experience unique amongst many psychedelics. Those who are fans of different psychedelic spiritual journeys, must try Salvia Divinorum!

Powerful Salvia effects

While other strong psychedelics (like LSD or Magic Mushrooms) bring most of their effects through serotonin production and receptors, Salvinorin A gives users strong hallucinations by affecting our brain opioid receptors by actually reducing levels of dopamine. That's why using Salvia Divinorum brings you in to one of the weirdest and unique psychedelic experiences of your life. While most other psychedelics like mescaline, lsd or psilocybin can be compared to each other, Salvia trip is much shorter and much stronger, while the effects are not comparable to most common psychedelics out there.

Most common Salvia Divinorum effects can be described as:

  • Immaterial existence (out of body experience)
  • Reliving of memories (especially childhood)
  • Seeing yourself from behind, corner or the sky
  • Merging with objects and becoming everything
  • Seeing auras and fractals
  • Complete loss of self or ego death

If you think, some of these sound like some other effects you can have on other various psychedelics... Because Salvia Divinorum works in your brain not like any other psychedelic out there, these effects will be felt in a different way.

To sum up, explaining the heaviness of Salvia trip is like trying to explain university math course to a dog. Best explanation I have ever heard sounded like this: imagine that your best dream and worst nightmare just grabbed you instantly by your face and you flew of the plain of the earth to a completely new universe and reality. And then 10 minutes later you were back and you were yourself again. That's what Salvia Divinorum trip actually is. It's nor pleasant nor sad, it's just out of this world. Literally.

How to use Salvia Divinorum?

Due to it's super high potency Salvia can be used in various ways, but nowadays most users just decide to smoke it. Those who decide to smoke Salvia Divinorum usually do it with a small bong or a pipe. You can also make Salvia tea or even chew it, but this way the effects will not be instant, can be softer and might last longer.

Salvia Divinorum extracts

Original Aztec shamans in Mexico usually use dried Salvia leaves that you can also buy at our online shop. But today, we like things faster, stronger and better. That's why most Salvia Divinorum bought today come in extracts. Furthermore, each Salvia extract comes in different strengths. X on the Salvia extract just means how many times this extract is stronger than Salvia dried leaves.

Because the main active ingredient that makes you trip hard on Salvia is Salvanorin A, each extract is measured by the amount of Salvanorin A present in a gram of powder. That makes buying Salvia easier and dosing of Salvia Divinorum more consistent. Salvia extracts are loved by many users because it makes it simpler to smoke it with a single hit.

Buy Salvia Online

Smartific online webshop sells the best Salvia extracts and dried leaves available in the Netherlands. We ship our products in discreet packaging, so anyone in Europe can order high quality headshop-smartshop items directly. Buy Salvia Divinorum online and we will ship it to you as fast as possible. Get the best Salvia available online!

Frequently asked Salvia Divinorum questions

What is a smartshop?

Smartshop is a special kind of shop that focuses on selling safe to use, mind and body altering (or psychoactive) mood boosters that can have various effects on its users.

What categories of smartshop products are there?

The easiest way to categorize smartshop products would be to divide them into categories according to expected effects they might have. This would mean that all smartshop products can be split into these categories:

  • Energizers (stimulants and mood-boosters)
  • Relaxants (sedatives and depressants)
  • Hallucinogens (mind-altering psychoactive substances)
  • Nootropics (increased cognitive abilities)
  • Aphrodisiacs (sex-related)

What products/substances do smartshops sell?

Most smartshop products come in powders, partypills, liquids (shooters), and extracts. All smartshop products have been made from fully legal, all-natural, organic substances that will allow users to have various effects.

What effects can smartshop products have?

Based on the category you can expect a wide palette of effects from each smartshop product. Remember, that different compositions of different substances can have different effect sets even in the same category. Furthermore, each body reacts to different substances in different ways – which is why you should always start with low dosing and learn how your body reacts to the product, to make sure the best results.

Energising Effects:

  • Energy boost
  • Mood change (happy, euphoric)
  • Focus boost

Aphrodisiac effects:

  • Increased libido
  • Sexual energy
  • Increased heart rate and blood flow

Hallucinogenic effects:

  • Changed perceptions (smell, taste, vision, touch, feel and mind space)
  • Visuals (altered visual information)
  • Creativity
  • Spiritual (ego-loss and meditative/philosophical thinking)
  • Lowered time-space awareness
  • Coordination (increased or decreased)
  • Other very personal sense changes

Nootropic effects:

  • Better memory
  • Increased cognitive function
  • Easier to focus
  • More creative problem solving
  • Other personal cognitive effects

Relaxing effects:

  • Couch-lock (inability/unwillingness to move)
  • Lowered muscle tension
  • Complete relaxation
  • Attitude changes (more “chill”)
  • Decreased heart rate (or increased)
  • Other relaxing personal effects

Do you have products that will provide energy?

Yes – there are different mood boosters in Smartific Headshop that can provide you with both energetic and euphoric feelings. Most of them can be found in party section, and to choose the right one – make sure you read the product description carefully.

What are herbs?

Herbs or psychoactive herbs is a category of smartshop products. They describe a set of products that usually are sold in pure herbal form and can be used to achieve certain body-mind effects. Herbs can be prepared and consumed in various ways and the best ways solely depend on the type of herb we are talking about. Most common methods can involve smoking them, vaping, making tinctures, making tea, or making various extract forms from the herbs of your choice.

Make sure you learn about each herbs unique properties and ways to use them in their product description.

What are smartshop liquids?

Liquids or shooters are a smartshop product category that comes in easy-to-consume liquid form. They mostly are similar to partypills, with only one difference – it is usually faster for your body to absorb them and they should be used as a one-shooter, meaning they are less easy to dose for various different occasions.

Are there any hallucinogens in smartshop?

Yes, from Salvia to LSA seeds and various psychedelic extracts – Smartific Smartshop contains many products that can make you trippy. Remember, unlike some other products in our smartshop – all trippy substances can’t be used with alcohol. Furthermore, you shouldn’t mix them with any other drugs, prescription medication, or any state altering substances whatsoever.

What is kanna?

Kanna (or Sceletium Tortuosum) is a South-African plant that is used for it’s unique energetic and euphoric effects. In smartshops, it usually comes in concentrated powder which makes it easier to consume. Kanna can be smoked, vaped, made into a tea, chewed – but the most common way to use Kanna (especially for stronger concentrated powder) is to snort it.

What is salvia?

Salvia (or Salvia Divinorum) is a highly potent psychoactive plant that is used for it’s unique (and super-strong) hallucinogenic effects. It is most commonly smoked and for best results should be smoked with a waterpipe while liting it with a high-temperature torch lighter. It comes in dried leaf or extract powder form.

The effects of Salvia are short but very powerful. The best way to explain Salvia experience is “Imagine that reality and time is a rug that you are standing on, after a single hit of salvia – imagine that somebody just pulls the rug out of your feet”. Being a hallucinogen, this herb works a little bit different from many other hallucinogens – it doesn’t give you any euphoric effects (for most users) while changing your perception to the highest extent. This means during a salvia trip, it can be more difficult to comprehend what is actually happening and your brain doesn’t have euphoric sensations to help You deal with it easier.

If you decide to smoke Salvia for the first time, keep a mindset that it can be the weird mix of “your best dream and worst nightmare, smashed together in your face”. Even though, time completely disappears during a Salvia trip – it’s good to know that a typical salvia experience starts immediately after you smoke it and lasts for 7-15 minutes of average, with around of extra hour of milder after-effects.

Salvia should be consumed only in safe and comfortable conditions, preferably inside the house. You should always have a trip-sitter or at least take it in turns (after somebody finished their trip). Furthermore, Salvia has not considered a party drug as it is very easy to lose any connection to reality for a short period of time.

Are smartshop products legal?

All smartshop products are legal in the Netherlands where they are shipped from. You have to inform yourself about the legality of their ingredients in your country of residence.

Are smartshop products dangerous?

Most smartshop products are made from all-natural products, which allow users to minimize any risks involved in their recreational lives. As long as you make sure you don’t mix any smartshop substances with any prescription or over-the-counter medication, alcohol, weed and/or any other psychoactive substances, and make sure that you start with a very low initial test dose – it is safe to assume that most smartshop products have any risks to a minimum.

How old you have to be to use smartshop products?

At least 18 years old. All products sold on Smartfic can only be purchased if you are 18 years old or older.

Can you mix different smartshop products?

No. To be sure about the effects, their strength and to keep any risks to a minimum, we do not recommend to mix any different smartshop products. Furthermore, to keep yourself safe you shouldn’t mix any smartshop products with any other drugs (prescription, over-the-counter, or even recreational), weed, alcohol (unless product description allows it) and any other psychoactive, mind-altering substances.

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