What’s the difference between autoflowering and feminized cannabis seeds?

Let’s start with what feminized cannabis seeds mean – it means that seeds will only grow into female cannabis plants. It is important, because cannabis buds, the ones we love – can only be produced by female cannabis plants.

To understand what are autoflowering cannabis seeds, we first have to understand how cannabis flowering works. Most cannabis strains will go true to a vegetative phase, where the plant will only grow, without trying to produce any bud (“fruit” of the plant). This phase usually ends when the cannabis plant starts to receive less than 12 hours of daylight after this happens feminized cannabis plants stop vegetating and enter the flowering period – during which it will produce buds that we all love to smoke.

Because not all climates (and conditions) can provide cannabis plants with enough sun to have a fulfilling vegetative period – growers have bred autoflowering strains that flower automatically, no matter how much sunlight the plants get.

This results in easier to grow cannabis plants, that require less attention and can be more susceptible to harsher weather conditions. Of course, there is never something for nothing in nature – that’s why autoflowering cannabis plants usually grow smaller, faster, and bring smaller yields. This makes them perfect if you are planning to grow them in a grow box indoors, if you are very inexperienced or if you are planning to grow your plants in colder northern climates.



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