Does magic truffles give you hallucinations?

To answer this, we have to clearly define what hallucinations mean. If we agree that hallucinations mean seeing, hearing, smelling, tasting, or feeling something that doesn’t exist outside of our mind – then yes, based on the purely medical definition you will have different levels of various hallucinations.

But now, let’s look at this from another perspective.

Pop culture, especially Hollywood movies, depicted most psychedelic substance effects in a very distorted, not-accurate way… Thus, making inexperienced users have certain expectations about what happens when you are under the influence of magic truffles/mushrooms, that is simply not true.

Important! Before we dig into this – please understand that we are trying to analyze effects that occur below ~22 grams of magic truffles (~2-3 grams of dried magic mushrooms) – we are not analyzing any experiences that might occur on a very high, or hero dose.

Let’s begin with dragons, fairies, green elves and in general – characters that are not there, coming to you, and trying to communicate with you. That most likely will not happen. You will still be able to tell what’s real and what isn’t. And those two realities might touch each other, but they will not mix to the point where you can’t tell them apart. Again, this is not necessarily will be the case in very high, hero dosages.

But will you see things that are not there? With open eyes – no you won’t! What you will see with your open eyes are distortions. Light distortions, meaning the real objects will be “breathing”, straight lines will be bending a bit, patterns will feel alive as they will be moving a bit, colors will feel more vivid, etc.

Another whole story is what happens when you close your eyes – there a whole new universe might open, visions can form and dissolve, colorful kaleidoscope-like tunnels might open, and much much more. But again, the reality will remain a reality and your imagination will remain your imagination. They will touch each other, but they will be mixed to the point where you will not understand what is what.

To sum up – yes your senses and perception of reality will change significantly, and yes you will think, see, feel, smell, and hear things differently. But you don’t have to worry about things that are not there jumping at you. Unless you close Your eyes.



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