Does magic truffles make you hallucinate?

Psilocybin and Psilocin, together with other psychoactive ingredients found in magic truffles will affect your mental state. Now when it comes to the word “hallucinations” – in most cases, 15-20grams of magic truffles will not make you hallucinate. That is if we are agreeing that hallucinations mean – seeing things that are not there. You will, however, see light distortions, also know as visuals – meaning objects will be “breathing”, straight lines will be slightly moving and there could be similar visual irregularities happening all around you.

To sum up… If you take magic truffles in an amount that don’t exceed 15-22 gram dosage (full box):

Green dragons following you and trying to speak to you – no, that will not happen.

Objects (that are physically there!) changing colors, wawing, breathing and patterns dancing – yes, that will happen.

With that being said – in higher dosages, it is possible to induce hallucinations, but in most cases, those hallucinations will be happening with closed eyes (even with 15-22 grams of magic truffles). It is very unlikely that you will see reality mixing with your imagination. More likely, you will have visions inside your head (closed eyes) and you will see visuals (objects changing).



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