How often can you trip on magic truffles?

Because you build a tolerance after you consumed magic truffles (or magic mushrooms), you should wait at least 1-2 weeks to trip again. Even then You can expect lower effects from the same dose.

Most experienced psychonauts will suggest to only to trip after 3-4 weeks have passed after your last psychedelic experience. That way you will be sure that your tolerance to the substance has recovered to zero, also this much time is enough to let your mind process memories from the last trip you’ve had (to lower expectations).

With that being said, there are ways to trip even the next day or couple days after the last trip (radically increase the dose) – but we can’t recommend any of these practices, based on the fact that by doing that you might put yourself at more risk as to the tripping experience can be uncontrollable. By uncontrollable we mean – you might take much more and have way lower effects or even worse, you might take much more and have very strong, unpredicted effects. Keep yourself safe!



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