I just tripped, when can I trip again?

From a biological perspective – Your body prepares antibodies that will make it difficult for you to trip again after each and every trip. That’s called – tolerance. This tolerance is extremely high on the next day after the trip, very high in an upcoming couple of days, and the tolerance will gradually disappear after ~2-3 weeks after the trip. Theoretically, you can trip even with tolerance – but that will mean you have to take way much more magic truffles/mushrooms and you will have way milder effects. That’s why we do not advise tripping for at least 15 days after your last trip – in most cases, during the first two weeks after the trip both the effects and the dosage needed are very unpredictable.

With that being said, there is another interesting factor that should be considered when deciding when to trip again. That is your mental preparation. Because you just had a very complex experience, that your brain finds it difficult to process – best tripping practices are usually thought to be ~1 month apart from each other. Experienced psychonauts believe that you want to wait before your mind prepares itself for another trip – that means you want to have all tripping memories (if we can call those memories) moved from short term memory to long term memory., Also, it takes a couple of weeks for the excitement of the last trip to go down – human beings have a tendency to want more of what they like.

And each trip is always different. So we want to go to another tripping experience, without wanting it to be like the last one we had (especially if we had an amazing experience). In other terms, we want to make sure that our mind forgot as much as possible about our last trip before we jump into another. Mostly, because trips are very influenced by the expectations we have and we should want those expectations to have to be real questions we ask, not just attempts to replicate the last experience we had.



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