Should I use a heating mat for my magic mushroom growing kit?

Heating mats or heat mats – is a perfect way to make sure that your psilocybe magic mushroom grow kit has a heat source and remains in the same temperature throughout day/night temperature cycles.

With that being said, the actual need for the heat mat is more compulsory in wintertime or when the mushrooms are being grown in colder conditions. In theory, you want your grow kit microclimate to have a stable 23-24°C temperature all throughout the duration of the growing process. This means that in most places, summertime might not require a heat mat. Worse than that, if the temperature goes above 27-29°C – your magic mushroom colony will die out entirely.

To summarize, a heat mat is a perfect way to make sure that your flushes grow big, strong, and fast. But you always have to evaluate the situation and adjust it to the needs of the perfect magic mushroom colony microclimate.



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