What are the best cannabis strains to grow outdoors?

This depends on the climate you are living in, the placement of the plant (how much sunlight and other weather conditions the plant receives), and your overall needs. If you are planning to grow big, time is not a factor for you, you live in a warm climate and are planning to take good care of your cannabis plant – choose a feminized cannabis plant that most closely represents the effects of the weed you would like to grow.

Choosing to grow a feminized cannabis strain outdoors will allow you to maximize the potential yield, furthermore, if you live in a warm climate – you can expect to grow a healthy and big plant that will make you and your friends very happy.

If you live in a more northern climate, and the warm period of the year is short (cannabis plants prefer 20-30 °C temperature during the vegetative period) – you might consider growing an autoflowering plant or placing your feminized plant in a greenhouse. The right temperature/humidity during different times of the growth cycle is important for any cannabis plant if you want to make sure that the plant is growing fast and to maximize the yield potential.



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