What is a hero dose?

A hero dose (heroic) or a hero trip usually describes a super intense psychedelic experience. Most psychonauts can potentially refer to strong trips as hero trips, but hero trip should actually mean – a trip that is so intense, that you don’t want to repeat again. At least for some time.

Most psychonauts, when they get used to strong tripping experiences they stick to them as going beyond strong is not only scary but also requires perfect conditions and can go off rails fast with not enough preparation. That’s where the term hero comes in – hero usually refers to a so powerful experience that not only subconsciousness takes over full, and you are pushing the limits of what trip can be.

Heroic trips are usually had to learn something new, “from the void beyond this reality”. Magic mushroom father Terence McKenna was known for his point of view that – most people use magic mushrooms recreationally, but they never know that there is an abyss after that that can teach you everything you need to know about life and yourself.

But with great power, there’s always responsibility – taking a heroic dose of magic mushrooms requires preparation, respect, and full determination to both set and settings of this experience. McKenna was a fan of the darkroom as a place for this type of experience, and being in your home is the minimal setting factor that you should consider if you ever plan to go hero.

What do people expect during a heroic trip? To die. And to be reborn again. If you can’t even exercise the thought of this (ego-death) happening to you, always keep your dosing below 2-3 grams of dried magic mushrooms.



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