Why did my cannabis seeds didn’t germinate?

There can be multiple factors why your cannabis seeds didn’t germinate right – because seeds are a part of nature, most growers agree that if around 1 out of 4 seeds don’t germinate it can still be considered a good ratio (usually way more seeds germinate than that). Even though high-quality cannabis seeds can have up to 99% germination ratio, there are so many factors involved in this process that being compassionate about this topic can be mandatory.

The first and most important factor is of course – cannabis seed genetics. If it’s a high-quality seed that has been harvested mature enough, they should germinate just fine. Another factor can be how the seeds were stored after they have been harvested – not only that, how long it has been stored also can lower the chances of seed germination.

But just because some or most of the seeds didn’t germinate properly – this still doesn’t mean that these were not high-quality seeds. How you tried to germinate them plays the most significant role in this process. Don’t forget that when germinating cannabis seeds you have to give them as perfect conditions as you can, in order for the seeds to sprout fast enough not to make them rot.

So basically if the temperature was warm enough, there was plenty of humidity and there was enough time for the seeds to germinate (2-10 days is the average) – most of the seeds should germinate perfectly fine.



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