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Can you grow your own cannabis?

Yes - isn't that every stoner dream? Smartific selected a high-quality cannabis strain selection, that will suit any cannabis enthusiast needs!

Smartific team has years of experience in the Netherlands Cannabis Seed Industry and we not only deliver all the well-know cannabis classic, but also a wide selection of unique USA cannabis strains.

What are autoflowering seeds?

For those of you that live on colder climates or just want take less of their cannabis plant - autoflowering cannabis seeds can be the way to go!

Unlike feminized cannabis seeds, autoflowering cannabis seeds will flower automatically and they are less vulnerable to various hazards. Autoflowering seeds grow up to be smaller, they grow faster, and most importantly - autoflowering seeds don't need the sunlight cycle to go below 12 hours a day to start flowering.

What are feminized cannabis seeds?

Feminized cannabis seeds make you feel sure that all the plants, that will grow, - will be female cannabis plants. This means you will need to separate females and males, as only females produce buds that we all love to smoke. Smartific Seed shop collection involves many various strains, with various effects that will make it easy for you to pick the right strain for you. We also provide extensive information and high-quality FAQ sections to make this process even easier.

Can I grow cannabis indoors?

Of course! This will require you to research how to do that, furthermore, it might require some investments - but after all of this is done, you will be in charge of the full growing process.

You can also, easily grow your cannabis outdoors or in an outdoor greenhouse - this plan can be extremely valuable especially if you live in a warmer climate zone, where the summers are hot and long.

Learn more about our cannabis seeds

Smartific has extensive FAQ's and multiple other resources when it comes to cannabis seeds, cultivation, and recreational use! Make sure you check Cannabis Seeds FAQ to learn more.

Frequently asked Cannabis questions

What is the difference between hemp and marijuana?

The main difference between hemp and weed (marijuana) is usually just the levels of cannabinoid (THC, CBD and similar) concentration. Hemp is a term used to describe the type of cannabis plant that has a very low THC/CBD level in it (usually bellow 0.2-0.3%).
This allows some industries to easily grow certain types of cannabis and use it for multiple industrial purposes.

What is weed?

Weed (also pot, ganja, grass, herb, bud) is a slang name that describes recreational cannabis. In most cases, cannabis is used for its unique THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol) effects, most medical uses are valued for CBD (Cannabidiol) effects.

What is hash?

Hash (also hashish) is a word that describes a particular cannabis product, a concentrated greenish-brown (or dark yellow) waxy THC-rich weed substance that usually comes from cannabis trichomes. It usually comes in blocks and it’s a very crumbly substance.

What are cannabis edibles?

Edibles (or cannabis edibles) is a term used to describe any food that has been infused with marijuana. Like with every other way of getting high (intoxicated) with cannabis – most edibles contain high levels of THC in them.
Most popular edible type is still a brownie (known as hash brownies), but because adding THC/CBD to various food is very easy – it’s possible to turn almost any food product into an edible, that will make you high.
The main difference between smoking/vaping cannabis and eating cannabis edibles is that when ingested orally, it takes longer (0.5-1h on average) to feel the effects. Also, cannabis edibles are considered a more dangerous way of consuming cannabis because it’s more difficult to measure potency, furthermore, you can possibly consume way higher amounts of THC than you could by smoking it (you would lose consciousness if you smoked too much).

What does Sativa mean?

When describing cannabis, term Sativa is mostly used to describe the effects that smoking certain cannabis strains will produce. In a cannabis consumer culture, Sativa is usually associated with head-high effects: energizing, creative, uplifting, and overall – more cerebral experience.
In reality, even though this term comes from a type of cannabis plant – nowadays, all cannabis plants are very complex in their structure, furthermore biologically Sativa-like plants will not always deliver on all Sativa-like cannabis effects. When talking about cannabis cultivation, term Sativa usually represents certain type of plant morphology or physical characteristics. Sativas usually are taller than Indicas, they also have longer and thinner leaves. In most cases, Sativas take longer to grow as their flowering phase can take as long as 100 days.
So, to summarize – cannabis Sativa should reflect on the type of expected effects.

What does Indica mean?

When describing cannabis, term Indica is mostly used to describe the effects that smoking certain cannabis strains will produce. In a cannabis consumer culture, Indice is usually associated with body-high, stoned-like effects: deep relaxation, “couch-lock”, haziness and overall feeling of complete relaxation.
In reality, even though this term comes from a type of cannabis plant – nowadays, all cannabis plants are much more complex in their biological structure. That’s why not all Indicas deliver on all Indica-like cannabis effects. Then talking about cannabis cultivation, term Indica usually represents a certain type of plant morphology or physical characteristics. Indicas are believed to be a bit smaller than their Sativa sisters, and Indicas have smaller, thicker leaves. Most Indicas also have shorter growing cycles.
To summarize – cannabis Indica reflects the type of perceived effects.

What does Ruderalis mean?

Ruderalis is the third wheel of well-known Cannabis Indica and Cannabis Sativa predominant cannabis strain love-hate relationship. Cannabis Ruderalis is another type of cannabis plant, that is not well known for most cannabis users but plays a huge role in today’s cannabis genetics. Especially when we are talking about autoflowering cannabis strains.
Cannabis Ruderalis is a type of cannabis plant that has low THC levels (around 3%), but what it looses on expected potency – it over-delivers of the way it grows. Cannabis Ruderalis doesn’t rely on light cycles to flower (like Sativa or Indica), instead, it blooms based on its age.
This unique trait made this exclusive cannabis plant a perfect tool for one purpose – breeding. Its value for agricultural use is not only because it flowers automatically – Cannabis Ruderalis grows faster, is less needy when it comes to taking care, and is know to be more susceptible to harsher weather conditions. Even though Cannabis Ruderalis is not praised for it’s THC/CBD levels when bred with a high-quality Sativa/Indica/Hybrid – it produces a new type of easier to care, smaller and festers growing cannabis strains.
To sum it up – Cannabis Ruderalis is a type of cannabis plant that is used to breed autoflowering cannabis strains.

What is the best cannabis strain?

This is a really difficult question because it solely relies on your personal preferences. Some people like lighter cannabis strains with equal CBD/THC levels, some are looking for the strongest THC-kick possible. Some are looking for a way to relax after work (Indica), some are looking for a way to boost their creativity (Sativa). Some need complex medicinal cannabis products to help them with their conditions, while others use cannabis on a purely recreational basis.
Furthermore, we react to different compounds and compound combinations in very different ways. With that being said, this question has no answer and it’s best to try, evaluate, and choose the strains that work best for you.

How to grow your own weed?

To put it as basic as we can – these are the steps you have to take if you want to grow your own cannabis plants:

  • Choose your growing medium and place (outdoors/indoors)
  • Choose correct cannabis seeds
  • Germinate the seeds
  • Plant your cannabis seedlings
  • Allow your plant to go through the vegetative phase
  • Allow your plant to bloom (flowering phase)
  • Harvest your plant and dry it

How can you grow marijuana indoors?

Yes, but that will require a grow box, a grow room, or a similar designated space to grow a proper cannabis plant. Not only that, but you will also need cannabis grow lights, climate controls, humidifiers, exhaust systems, nutrients, containers, and maybe even some other tools to get started.

How can you grow marijuana outside?

Yes, you can grow cannabis outdoors, but depending on the climate you might need a greenhouse to do so (if you are living in a northern, colder climate zone).

Can you grow cannabis on your balcony or terrace?

Yes, you can grow cannabis in your terrace/balcony – but make sure that the cultivation of cannabis is legal in the country you are planning to do so. The success of this process depends on the type of plant you are growing and the overall climate you live in.

What is a cannabis greenhouse?

Cannabis greenhouse is a greenhouse made especially for outdoor cannabis cultivation. This method is widely used to minimize the risks of natural weather conditions hazards and can be crucial if you are planning to grow cannabis in colder, more northern climate zones.

What is a cannabis plant vegetative phase?

During the vegetative stage of any cannabis plant – the actual growth of the plant reaches its full speed. At this point, your plant is already transplanted into a big pot and both the roots and leaves are developing rapidly. If you are planning to top or train your plant – this is the time to start doing it.
Basically, in the vegetative phase, your cannabis plant will try to grow as much as it can. During the vegetative phase, you can increase your watering a little bit, and don’t forget that the bigger your plant, the bigger the roots – which means you should also water not only around the stem but more outwards as well.
During the vegetative cannabis growth phase, your plant will cherish healthy amounts of nutrients, especially nitrogen. Your cannabis plant (if it’s not autoflowering) will remain in vegetative phase as long as it receives 12 hours of light, as soon as the plan receives less than that – it will move on to the flowering phase.

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