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You'll be amazed by how fun smoking is when you're smoking your cannabis through a proper weed pipe. There's no need for rolling papers or filters, simply add some herbs, light them and take a deep puff. Repeat till you get high as a kite. Or simply take a single toke for that mild midday buzz. Marijuana pipe is the best thing for easier dosage control!

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Different Types of Weed Pipes

Here's a list of the most common cannabis pipes that most stoners love and swear by.

Different Materials of Weed Pipes

Smoking pipe can be made from different materials and come in all shapes and sizes. Dry herb of your choice is precious, so make sure you choose the perfect smoking pipe and use a weed grinder.

Metal Weed Pipes

Simple, cheap metal pipe is something that can be recommended for those seeking their first pipe ever. If you want to find out whether or not you like dry and hot puffs from a pipe, metal cannabis pipe is the way to go. Just keep in mind, the longer the pipe, the cooler smoke comes to your lungs. It might be smart to invest into a glass or wooden pipe if you feel quite confident about your purchase. 

Wooden Weed Pipes

Classic old-school wooden pipe is something we have all seen and touched. Doesn’t matter if you want to smoke tobacco or cannabis, a reliable wood pipe is a must for nature lovers. The biggest upside for a wooden pipe is that it’s so nice to touch and hold in your hand. Wooden pipes come with a tiny downside, though! The more you use them, the more wood burns, the more wood is burned inside the bowl, the harder it can be to light your buds. 

Don’t worry if you don’t use your wooden weed pipe 7 times a day, this will not happen fast. Pipe screens can also help with this problem a bit!

Glass Weed Pipes

Classic glass pipe! Even though it is fragile, the glass pipe is probably one of the most popular cannabis pipes out there. They can be very beautiful and most people who buy one love them the most. Glass pipes are also quite easy to clean, especially if you get a special weed pipe cleaner. Ain’t nothing nicer than a high quality glass hand made pipe!

Plastic Weed Pipes (Not really, lol)

This usually means metal interior pipe with a plastic exterior that is nicer for touching. Nobody would want to burn actual plastic together with their precious cannabis plants.

Silicone Weed Pipes

This is a new start amongst cannabis users but is definitely an honorable mention. Silicone is a complex polymer and silicone weed pipes can withstand temperatures up to 600 celsius, which makes it a safe smoking device. Just make sure you are buying a medical-grade silicone pipe for cannabis because cheap silicone can actually burn and release hazardous fumes. 

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