Can I grow magic mushrooms outdoors?

Psilocybe Cubensis magic mushrooms are the most popular strain of psilocybe mushrooms around the world, due to the simple fact – in most places around the world, they easily grow in most cow ranches. Because manure is one of the possible substrates for them, it is natural to see psilocybe cubensis growing from cowhides. So theoretically, the answer is yes – you can grow magic mushrooms and they can grow outside.

Not from a more practical point of view – growing them outside would be a real game of chance. Because they are very sensitive to various stimuli – whether or not you will have yields outdoors widely depends on the climate you are in and the time of year. Only when grown in a controlled environment, you can assure magic mushrooms the perfect ecosystem, thus you can trust them to grow and give fruiting bodies.

With that being said, some experienced growers – can sometimes just be casual about throwing away substrate (together with mycelium and other organic components) into the same spot in their backyard. If you decide to do this, only throw away used substrates that you are not planning to take care of and pick a perfect spot for them – it has to be wet enough and in the shade, preferably near some tree trunks or bushes. The most important part of this – avoid the place to have any direct sunlight during any time of the day. This way you can maximize the on the off chance – there might be some fruiting bodies at random times of the year.

It’s a long shot and it most likely will not work, but in some cases, it might!



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