Can you get addicted to magic truffles?

Short answer – no, you can’t have a physical addiction to magic truffles (or magic mushrooms). Mostly due to the fact, that your body becomes tolerant after each trip and you need 1-3 weeks to be able to have a similar experience with a similar dose of psilocybin.

Some very experienced psychonauts can go even further than that by simply telling you – if you want to trip again the next day after your trip, you are doing it wrong. This notion comes from belief, that after a full tripping experience you are both mentally and physically exhausted – the last thing on your list the next day is wanting to experience this emotional rollercoaster again. You just want to chill, rest, and process what just happened.

Below you can see a graph that lists the most popular drugs according to how addictive they are (dependence potential) and active/lethal dose ratio (how dangerous it can be). As you can see both psilocybin and LSD can be considered to be one of the safest recreational drugs.



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