Do I have to remove the black powder (spores) from the top of my grow kit?

It’s better if mushrooms have been harvested before they have matured enough to release the spores, but a healthy (tiny) layer of magic mushroom spores on top of your grow kit is normal. If the layer becomes quite tick, it could potentially affect the grow kit in a way where new pins will not be able to sprout.

If you believe that the layer of black powder (magic mushroom spores) is too thick, collect all the mushrooms and while soaking the growkit for the next flush – try gently scraping the spores from the top layer of the growing kit. This process might potentially harm your growing kit, especially when done in not sterile conditions as it most likely requires to completely remove the growing kit from the plastic container it was in and putting it back after the spores have been removed.

That’s why only apply this tactic if you can clearly see signs of pins having a hard time appearing and take extra caution to make sure you don’t contaminate the growkit with various types of bacteria.



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