How to dry magic mushrooms?

Drying freshly harvested magic mushrooms is the most popular way of preserving them after you have successfully harvested the flush. This is very important because after harvesting magic mushrooms can stay fresh only for a couple of days.

First, we have to look at this process from a purely biological perspective – fresh magic mushrooms contain around 90% humidity. Furthermore, both psilocin and psilocybin (psychoactive ingredients of magic mushrooms) are very sensitive to various factors like light and oxygen. That’s why after you have harvested your magic mushrooms, soon enough most of the psilocin will be broken down by oxygen and slowly will fade away, but psilocybin is not that fragile (even though still very sensitive!) and this is the proactive psychedelic ingredient that when absorbed by your body is turned into psilocin.

So, drying magic mushrooms should be done in the most timely fashion possible to preserve most of their potency. That’s why the drying process comes in two phases – quick pre-drying stage and actual full drying process.

Pre-drying magic mushrooms: this part of the process is mostly aimed at not contaminating your magic mushrooms with mold or other various pathogens that could ruin the whole harvest. The fastest way to do that is to just collect all the magic mushrooms and blow dry them with a simple fan. You know that it’s done after they lose most of their humidity, meaning they will be wrinkly and loose most of their mass.

After drying is done, you can expect your magic mushrooms not to lose any potency for some weeks to come.

Full drying magic mushrooms: this part concentrates on drying your mushrooms to the maximum extent and a good way to know when it’s done is that full dried magic mushrooms will crack if you will try to break them (they will not crack and will only bend after the pre-drying process is done). There are multiple techniques on how to fully dry them and if done in a simple oven, and in most cases or set-ups it requires a desiccant (Epsom salt or similar). There are various methods of the same process, but the essence of it stays the same – make it so that every drop of humidity leaves the magic mushroom.

With that being said, if you are a health nut – we recommend another drying alternative that will serve you better if you think that pre-drying is not enough for you. It’s called dehydration.

If you can invest in a simple food dehydrator – this is one of the best ways to make sure that your mushrooms are fully dried. The process is very simple and can be done by skipping the pre-drying phase. In other terms, this is the pre-drying phase but do to the full extent.



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